800LPH Solar Pump 010C

  Description : 800LPH Solar Pump 010C 
   1.8W solar panel
   2.12-18V DC brushlesspump 5m cable
   3.Aluminiumframe with plastic spike set
   4.Fountain head set incl.2 splinkle and 3pcs extention tube
   5.Control housing with Lead-acid battery 12V-4AH
   6.White 6-LED fountain light
   7.2 power mode appliance with solar powered (day mode) and battery powered (night mode)
   8.Water flow adjustable by a knob switch
   9.Water lift Max: 2.0m
  10.Water flow Max: 800L/H
  11.Individual size: 30*18*38cm cm
  12.Carton size: 33.5*31*40cm cm ,2pcs/carton
  13.N.W./G.W.: 7/8kg
  14.Capacity loading: 1390pcs/20GP; 2700pcs/40GP